Spanish Words


Ultralingua Spanish-English Dictionary (Windows)

Fast and Easy-To-Use Spanish-English Dictionary Application For Windows. This is a professional grade dictionary for use in education, translation, and business. Use it on vacation! It includes over 300,000 indexed entries, automatic verb conjugation,

Learning Spanish Software

Rocket Spanish is a Spanish course that will help you learn Spanish fast online as it ticks all the boxes; and that is why it is amongst the most popular Online Spanish courses available on the internet today. There are many Spanish lessons online for


LingvoSoft FlashCards English Spanish fo  v.1. 5. 2007

LingvoSoft FlashCards English Spanish for Windows is a collection of four absorbing games that will help you memorize thousands of foreign words quickly and easily.

Vocabulary Trainer LITE: English - Spanish  v.

Would you like to learn the most common 100 words in Spanish? Have you ever wanted to learn Spanish? Here is your chance to learn the most common 100 words. Vocabulary is the cornerstone of any language. Being able to utilize two languages

Spanish LH  v.

The perfect English to Spanish phrasebook - let the Spanish Language Hostess accompany you on your travels and assist you to speak and learn Spanish whenever you desire. With high quality video and audio for over 500 Spanish phrases and words,

English Spanish Dictionary  v.

English Spanish Dictionary – travel dictionary to translate English to Spanish displaying a list of matching words in Spanish. The dictionary also translates from Spanish to English.

Spanish Vocabulary Builder  v.

Developed by: gturedi One of the most important things to learn a new language is definitely the vocabulary and Spanish couldn't be the exception. Learning many words is always important because it will improve your Spanish skills such as your

WordBird Learn Spanish Level 2  v.

Now is the time to learn Spanish. We hope you downloaded and enjoyed using the FREE version and Lesson 1 of Wordbird. Those two versions taught you almost 200 words. Please review those two applications often, to commit those words to memory.

Learn Speak Spanish  v.3.3

Learn To Speak Spanish is specially developed for people who are learning a new language.

QB - Spanish  v.

Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken world languages. About 400 million people speak Spanish as their first language. It is the official language in over 20 countries.

ECTACO English Spanish Talking Partner Dictionary  v.2. 1. 2011

Talking Partner Dictionary for Windows provides bidirectional word translation and synthesis of speech. The dictionary is easy to install on a desktop computer. One of its remarkable features is voice function, i.e. the ability to pronounce words.

Spanish  v.

The fun way to learn Spanish vocabulary using MULTIPLE CHOICE questions. The multiple choice quiz shows you the Spanish word and you choose an answer. Then you see if you were right or wrong. But what makes this quiz SMART is the progress tracking

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